It all started in 1996 when a group of hockey players started to manufacture hockey board systems. They would work late nights putting boards together, loading them onto trucks and sometimes even assembling the boards at the location. Within a couple of years, the company grew to be the world’s largest dasher board company and the official board supplier to the NHL. They worked hard every day, but they wanted to have some fun during their weeks which led them to the idea of getting together on Thursdays during lunch at a local rink to play some pickup hockey. After a few years, they started to get their own ice. Brian Stang, “Stanger”or “Commish”, took on the role of organizing the ice times and the players. In 2001, Lunch Bucket hockey started on Fridays at noon with 33 skaters. The season would span from October through April. The last skate of the year was called the Lunch Bucket Cup with an awards ceremony at a nearby location prior to a Wild game at the Xcel Energy Center. One of the major awards given out was obviously the MVP, but it wasn’t your normal MVP award. It was always voted on by the players, but it wasn’t just about pure skill or talent someone had, but on their commitment to working hard and having fun during the skates. The award itself was a Lunch Bucket.

Over 100 players have skated in Lunch Bucket since its existence. Players from all levels have participated including former NHLers, Olympians, Minor Leaguers, D1, D3, Female Pro and high schoolers. During the holiday season it becomes even more special as the kids come out to enjoy Friday afternoon skates with their parents. Friday Lunch Bucket is still going today and “The Commish” still organizes the ice, skaters and goalies on a weekly basis.

Lunch Bucket Hockey is not just the sport itself but about what it takes to succeed. The phrase “lunch bucket” has a deeply rooted meaning tied to hard work and grit. It's about grabbing your lunch bucket, hard hat and giving it everything you have in whatever you are doing. Lunch Bucket cannot be described in a paragraph or by the logo itself but rather by the people who wear it. They are the ones who live it and love it. This brand represents our families, our friends, our work and our hobbies. This is why we believe everyone can feel a connection to this lifestyle in whatever they do. Just a couple of guys who worked hard and wanted to have some fun, turned Friday afternoon skates into a lifestyle brand that sees no horizon.